One of our main goals here at Go Read Your Lunch is to help our authors get paid. Online journals are a dime a dozen, right? So what sets us apart? We pay that dime back to our authors. When we pay our authors, not only do we support them, but we get better work from them. That means readers get to read better material ... the good stuff for which we would happily shell out our cash.

This is where our sponsors come in. Authors receive a percentage of all donations and sponsor placements for the weeks that the authors’ respective stories are on the front page. You’ll find those sponsors down at the bottom of each story, so go ahead, check it out ... We’ll wait.

The best part is it’s cheap and easy to be a sponsor! We’ll place a sponsor image, a few short sentences about you, and a link to your website alongside each story you’ve sponsored. Individuals, as well as businesses, can be sponsors, and all it takes is $8.00 and a heart full of love for the arts!